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10 Principles for A Life Worth Living—a five week class

Michael Bernard Beckwith says this about Agape Practitioner and Master Teacher Karen Mills-Alston’s class based on her award winning book 10 Principles for A Life Worth Living:

You may expect to receive insights that cast a radiant light on your path, inspire a deeper motivation to commit to your spiritual practice, and a greater confidence to discover and deliver your gifts, talents and skills in this world. Above all, you will be led into an intimate relationship with Spirit, one that embraces you during both ecstatic and challenging times.

During this 5 week class, you will learn to: release old patterns, habits and false beliefs that simply no longer work for you; embrace and embody rich, powerful “go to” practices that will allow you to remember that life is always for you; give permission to live the LIFE that wants to FULLY express as only YOU can.   

We do this as we learn to practice, practice and practice the first 5 Principles:

  • Begin Each Day in a Spirit of Gratitude 
  • Listen
  • Align With the Creative Power of Your Word
  • Be the First to Forgive
  • Be Flexible and Open to Change

Required books:
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Karen offers two transformational workshops for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses that create an openness and a willingness for excellence and productivity that benefits the individual and the collective. Both of these workshops have been presented internationally in the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Costa Rica. 

Visioning For A Life Worth Living 

  • Learn to catch the eternal broadcast that is always wanting to express itself through you to live purposefully. 
  • Learn to actively live the life you came to live for your individual and the collective good of the planet.  
  • Learn to catch a collaborative vision to strategically move in the direction of profitability and success. 
  • Identify individual and collective gifts and talents that support the intentions of the organization. 
  • Create a cohesive group dynamic that allows everyone to work together joyfully. 

Karen is a master teacher of Agape’s Michael Bernard Beckwith and his Life Visioning™ process whom he says has “a consistent inner groundedness that outwardly expresses as spiritual elegance.” 

 2 hour workshop

The Courage to Be Your Unique You #FreeToBeMe
  • Learn how to develop a greater awareness of Self and a willingness to use Spiritual Principles and Spiritual Practices that can result in the power and freedom to courageously and authentically live the life YOU want to live purposefully. 
  • Learn how to be consistent and dedicated in your Spiritual Practice. 
  • Learn to stop settling and playing small; stop projecting fear into the future; stop creating what you don’t want; stop fitting into a box that no longer serves your life; stop walking in lockstep with the world.  
  • Learn how to consciously CHOOSE love, beauty, generosity, prosperity, vitality, and so much more.  
  • Observe a live Practitioner Session.  

4 hour workshop 

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