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About Karen

A daughter and granddaughter of practitioners in the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality, Karen Mills-Alston has literally been on her spiritual path since childhood. In 10 Principles for a Life Worth Living, she now shares the rich legacy of three generations of women who have devoted their lives to spiritual principles and practices, and proving their practical application in their lives.  

After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in political science, Karen soon became a lobbyist for the City of Los Angeles, where she influenced municipal legislation, an experience that nourished her humanitarian impetus to positively impact the larger community and society as a whole. She later lobbied for the Airport Transport Association, along with being the Regional Government Vice President for Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines, respectively.

In time, Karen became the wife and CAO to one of the most well known motivational speakers, John W. Alston, until he passed away in 2011. 10 Principles for a Life Worth Living is her tribute to their mutual commitment and work of assisting individuals in actualizing their calling in life, grounded in immutable spiritual principles and practices. Of their adult daughter, Lindsay, Karen says, “Every day she reminds me of how easy it is to love. And it is that spirit of love I offer to my readers in this book.”

Today, Karen serves on the Agape International Spiritual Center’s Board of Trustees. She was recently appointed by the Board of Trustees as the Interim Dean of Agape University. Karen is also the coordinator for Agape Ministries; an instructor of its Practitioner Student Studies; and Director of Agape’s annual Revelation Conference. She serves in these capacities as a volunteer. As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP), she has a robust clientele that enthusiastically studies and practices the teachings found in 10 Principles for a Life Worth Living.

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Series 1

Ten Principles For A Life Worth Living
A Guide for Actively and Purposefully Participating in Your Life

Some believe that there are magical secrets, hard work, spiritual steps and difficult life, altering changes that are required to live the life your desire. In reality, all it takes is your willingness and availability to show up and change old patterns and false beliefs that no longer work. This book details Universal Principles and Practices that when applied and used consistently allows for transformation and the creation of the life you REALLY want to live!

Series 2

Ten Principles For A Life Worth Living
Practicing Spiritual Principles Daily Through the Use of Affirmations

As we practice affirming the Truth of our being, which is spiritual perfection, and creating the feeling tone of our desire already being met, we start to change our subconscious and often unconscious beliefs to match what we really want to manifest in our lives. This book will assist you to come into alignment with the proper use of this age-old technology.


Working with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists, except spiritual practitioners are applying spiritual principle. We begin with the idea that the client is already perfect and our work is to assist them in revealing that perfection.

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